Our Story

Born in the heart of Colombia in 2020, Verde Vida Verde was a visionary idea that blossomed into something larger than anyone could have imagined. From the outset, our goal was always clear: to make organic products accessible to all and lead the way in preserving the environment. We understood that organic products should not be a luxury, but an accessible choice for everyone.

Our brand encapsulates the exuberance of Colombian nature and the vitality of its people. We became the connection between organic products and conscious consumers who crave a healthier, environmentally friendly option.

Verde Vida Verde is not simply an organic product supplier. It's a lifestyle philosophy, a commitment to the planet, and a promise to offer only the best to our customers. We meticulously select our products to ensure that they are not just organic, but also sustainable and ethical.

We have expanded beyond homes and brought our vision of a greener future to various industries: landscaping, sports fields, crops, and civil construction. In each of these markets, our products have contributed to building a greener, more sustainable future.

In 2023, Verde Vida Verde is proud to represent Ecologel products. This collaboration strengthens our global vision and extends our commitment to sustainability and environmental care on a larger scale. Ecologel shares our vision of a greener future, and their products align perfectly with our mission to bring organic and eco-friendly to every corner of the world.

Today, Verde Vida Verde is more than a brand, it's a global movement. We invite everyone to choose consciously, to opt for products that benefit both our health and the world around us. Every product we offer is a step towards a greener, more sustainable future.

In 2023, the journey takes us to the United States, extending our Colombian roots to new horizons. At Verde Vida Verde, we believe in the possibility of a greener world. We're here to make a difference, because a greener future is not just a vision, it's our mission.